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For over 35 years, Bremner Pool and Spa has been renovating pools in Toronto and surrounding areas & we've built a reputation
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At Bremner Pool And Spa, We Have Always Done Pool Renovations.

Toronto Swimming Pool Renovations Done Right

Vinyl Pool Renovations

At one time, liners were one of three colours, maybe with a border. Nowadays, liners are available in many colours and designs that have the ability to really impact the look and colour of your water. Aluminum coping, which used to come in white only, is now available in grey, black & beige. Stone coping with a track underneath for the liner is also a popular choice and the addition of a walk-in acrylic/fiberglass step can really modernize your pool. It is quite normal for us to colour coordinate a liner, coping, steps and decking.

Liners & Coping

At one time, liners were one of three colours, maybe with a border and coping was white. Nowadays, liners are many colours with many varied prints. Aluminum coping comes in white, grey, and beige. It is quite normal for us to colour coordinate a liner, coping, steps, diving board, slide and decking.

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While the pipes could last up to forty years, we know that most fittings will not, so we would normally replace all wall fittings, plumbing fittings, and skimmer and pipe if necessary. Today we use a more flexible type of PVC pipe and fittings we know will stand the test of time.

In-Pool Steps

These steps come from Latham and are acrylic with fibreglass reinforcing. They have a levelling system encased in concrete which reinforces each step where you walk on them. They come in different sizes and shapes, and have a smooth white or black finish, or grey or blue granite finish.

There are also options for vinyl over a steel step base which is concrete reinforced


Concrete Decks

Whether we remove and replace only a section or the entire concrete deck, there is no job too big or small for us to refurbish. For smaller repairs, Bremner Pool & Spa will do the concrete themselves. When we are involved with larger stamped concrete projects we bring in Durham Concrete who specialize in this type of work. The same is true with interlocking decks, interlocking copings, waterfalls, or retaining walls. For several years we have worked MJF Landscaping on many pool renovations projects. By combining efforts on projects, we provide the expertise in our fields so that the customer gets the best value for their money.

Pool Lighting

There have been some great improvements in pool lighting over the years. The standard for the industry is a low voltage 60 watt light. These have been trouble free and are very effective for lighting an average pool. These can also be combined with a LED bulb and remote control so you can sit in your living room and change the many colours on the bulb. Fiberoptic lighting is also a wonderful alternative for both in pool and also perimeter lighting.

Consider The Following Upgrades To Really Modernize Your Vinyl Pool

Looking for ways to further upgrade your pool and really modernize it? Consider adding any of the following items which will significantly modernize the appearance of your pool and yard.  You can consider this list as add-ons to a typical renovation described above.

You may also want to visit our projects page to view absolutely stunning photos of our past renovation projects !  Here, you will find plenty of great renovation ideas and ways to really revamp your pool.

Our Process

  • Free Consultation

    Upon meeting with homeowners, we initially determine all the project details, review your plans, explore budgets and possible solutions. This ensures we are all on the same page and allows us to fully understand the scope of work.

  • Estimate/Detailed Proposal

    After meeting with you and discussing the options available, we will email a detailed quote to you which will outline the cost and a breakdown of the payment plan. We will also provide you with a tentative start date if you decide to move forward with us. Lastly, we will let you know where to look online or where to visit to select materials if we are unable to provide you with samples.

  • Material Selection

    Once we receive your deposit, we will order all of the materials required for your job and begin scheduling the other sub-trades that are involved.

  • Schedule Work Begins

    Here is when the fun begins...

  • Project Completion

    Once the renovation is complete, we will email you a final invoice.  Time to enjoy your new pool! 

Client Testimonials

Mrs. Schmidt


I have been a customer of Bremner Pool & Spa for over 20 years. There are a number of reasons why I feel Bremner Pool & Spa is such a top notch company. They respond to any question or concern promptly. You are never left waiting for them to get back to you...


Mrs Dawson


Bremner Pool and Spa did an excellent job renovating my pool. I hired them to replace the deck, all the pipes, replace the liner, replace the pool equipment, put in new steps, ladder and diving board....

Mr & Mrs Palmer


We have been using Bremner Pool & Spa for many years, they provide excellent work with knowledgeable staff. We had a Pool Renovation with a Stamped Concrete Deck/Patio installed by Bremner 8 years ago and still looks like new...